Saturday, January 22, 2011

I nearly left this to die. Nevermind that. Lets move on.

I'm back. Her you go, Yokomo 180SX on Gramslight 57D over Street Jam.
Wicked stance.
Intercooler position fail. :(
Little sticker.
Hehehe, guess what i hopped up yet?
Sweet butt i have.
Spot the mistakes.
Clear windows ftw.
My fingerprints. Damn it.
Yokomo shells are the best, proper details, everything is proper and nice.

Do expect another update soon. Chatbox is back for you guys. :D

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chassis Reviews

This may seem pretty new as a section. I'm not sure has it really been done somewhere. So far, i have driven quite a few properly setup overdriven chassis from my fellow friends. Do take note, that these posts i might be posting is purely what I FELT, not biased towards any chassis racism or such. I will not be posting any setup sheets for theirs at all.

Lets start off with my school mates.
Name: Saniy

Locations: Usually LAS, Jurong, previously Seng Kang Drift meets, e.t.c. He attends so many drift meets that i am unable to track down them all lol.

Chassis: Team Magic E4D
Overdriven ratio: 1.7

Rating: 8/10

Review: Rear motor, but Centre placed. This encourages chassis balance such like the HB TCD, TA05 VDF, Square TA05, Yokomo DRB. For me, this car feels too underpowered to me at all. Using a Novak 13.5 with a 7-8 gear ratio, i expected it to feel much more torquey. It is most likely the transmitter settings, which he could have limited to less than 70% of the maximum power of the motor itself. It is very user friendly, which is what i found very useful for new players in the Overdrive drifting world. The steering mod done by him is also ingenious, with the use of a helicopter based servo horn, he corrected ackerman, and gave it more steering angle. His car is able to take high angle corners very well and is one of the attributes i like about it. Even though i am not able to drive this car in a few hours, the feel of it resembles a ER34 with a RB25DE(non-turbo skyline engine which appeared in the G35 Infiniti) in it. Having just enough power to cause it to drift, heavy chassis+throttle sensitive engine. Spinning out can only be caused by not watching throttle response, which is quite bulletproof. Usually this is the kind of setup beginners should look out for as it encourages more learning, just like learning from a Mazda MX-5 Miata rather than a AE86 to drift.

Name: Samuel Tan

Locations: Jurong Drift Meet, LAS, Seng Kang, Many more....

Chassis: Xray T2`009
Overdrive ratio: 1.9

Rating: 10/10

Review: Probably the best feel i had with a chassis i have ever encountered. Really shows how experience can get anything far in life. It carries a conventional belt-driven setup just like a TRF416, which can be hard to handle due to the missing centre weight of a driveshaft. Amazingly, this car felt Waaayyy better than mine. It was drift friendly, really ready to just throw itself with just a little touch of the trigger. The way it was setup was like Takahiro Ueno's Toyota Soarer, which would do the same on any Touge, any track. because it was swing friendly, we might expect it to spin easily on any mistakes made. turns out, it could compensate for mistakes. Enough power, high level of tuning, this car pretty much portrays the peak of CS tuning.

Alright thats pretty much for now. All i am waiting for is my long awaited 8Degree C-hub from Square, Speedmind Tx Bag for Ko Propo EX-10, ABC Hobby R30 Skyline or any random yokomo shell.

Some of you guys might wonder why i have reset the chatbox. There is too much spam and insults apparently, and if it happens again. I will remove it premanently.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Care Package!

Futaba S9551 Servo. Bought this as a servo upgrade. came at a huge discount over the 9451 which i wanted. Slower, but i like it better it being slow. fast servos will not go along with my playing style.
Quite small from what i can see.

YAY! My Brand new KO PROPO EX-10 Eurus. Fits so nicely.
Now whats in the back? Its a setting module to set the servos. Wow. Thats a first time i'm hearing it.
Quite a nice box. With my favourite colour combination. Black and orange.
Module and the manual.
Woot. Brand new fresh and the beautiful EX-10 unveiled.
R902-FS Module. Newest gen module from KO Propo. 200% faster than its Helios brother.
Lastly, The receiver. Wow. Look at it. Its puny. 1/4 the size of my current receiver.

Alright thats all for now. I'll go sort out my rims offsets before i do another update.

Thursday, September 30, 2010


This blog nearly died, in my hands. I forgot about it for about a month due to exams.

Alright on to other things. 3 weeks ago, i was looking for a Futaba 3PKS with a FASST 2.4Ghz module. Be it second hand or First hand. Then came a very bad news, from what i have found out, the 3PKS has gone out of production at that particular time. Not only the Transmitter itself, but the module also went off the grid. It would mean near 0 support in singapore which is what i would not want at all.

Ok, just a quick preview i would give.

I would be getting a new piece..... no in fact 2 pieces of new electronics on Sat.

Some new drift tyres, and maybe a new shell..... if it arrives this week.

A full revised setup sheet, and a tut on how i made my light kit work.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The New Age in RC Drifting.

Presenting to you, a new age in RC Drifting, more thrilling and exciting.

Oh and a video posted by a fellow member.

Was a Freshmen Orientation Camp. Small Competition among the Year 2 Students.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lil update of whats going on for the past month.

A Mini Drift Event was held at Ulu Pandan CC on 24th July 2010.

Lol @ the pure Oridoness, on the first pic. Large angles at the entry of a sweeper.
Saniy aka Orido-san, followed by Samuel Tan, Me and lastly Justin Wong.
Zhirong's Fully Hop up TT01, With 3Racing and Yeah Racing bits, With Active Hobby Front Motor Conversion Kit and the 1.44 Countersteer Kit. Word has it that This car is using a Front One way. It does countersteer well, and shows really that the TT01 has nearly no limits considering there is so much aftermarket around this chassis.


Some pictures and stuff i find a little amusing.

This is my front ball diffrential section, after a Ulu Pandan Drift Meet on 24/7/2010.
As you can see, the amount of dirt and dust, or maybe you would call it muck accumulated is as though it had gone through a rally. lol.

It was a pain in the ass to clean it out. As the ball diff grease had worn off, leaving the balls to be dropping everywhere, and giving me performance that was not satisfactory.

Dismantled all and regreased everything. The second picture would be the before and after the cleaning process.

Now this is what i call a real drift meet, where your car doesn't comeback the way u took it there! Look at the was difficult to brush off, i had to use a vacum cleaner to suck the damn thing.
Now look, the amount of wear on the front and rear tyres. uneven eh? Seems like an overdrive ratio of 2.05 would also mean a 2.05x more wear on the rear tyres. Epic lol.

Overall, this is how dirty it really is. But it was a good experience though, having to have ventured to somewhere i have not gone before. The place was great, with an community centre event going on, and Drift Garage was there as well. There was a Small drift competition which happened among all the Overdrive drifters, which i came in Second, with Top Qualifying. I had not much time to prepare as i woke up late at 7.30. I felt i did not deserve my result, as my settings were not done right at all. Partly what helped was the Rear Stabiliser, which kept me from over angling the car. I really do need to try harder, and get a new Transmitter as well. :S

Credits of the first 3 photos go to Alan Tay who was there at the event. Would like to thank him for the photos, but i was not able to track down his facebook profile again......

This below section may be ignored, but i really need to clarify this.

I know there has been people who are not happy with the way i do up my car, such that it has been so called "dirtied" by third-party parts. Firstly, this Square TA05 has been what i wanted to do since i started my RC journey, and it was not easy. I had to source out parts to fit the car, lots of trial and error on the belts. I had put in my utmost effort and passion into this car, and i really don't give a damn about how u think of my car as something shitty. I couldn't care less if u find my car insensible and do not agree with me. I do have friends who jokingly irritate me, and i could understand. But i know that among the viewers of this blog there will be some people who despise me, I know the consequences of having third-party parts, as being unreliable and easily broken. Take some time and think, why do you play RC Drifting? For the love of the sport? or to show how rich u really and how TAC legal? Which car in D1Gp, Formula D, or the British Drift , Championship, Or any goddamn street car out there is tuned by the brand themselves? None.

Being 90% hop up or modified doesn't give you the result u really want. Its your hand skill. Not how big you can burn your pockets. This is how i think in my life, and if you really think that bad mouthing me behind may back can go unheard, you are very wrong. This is why i am writing this, to clarify all the doubts and misunderstanding u have around me.

I hope this doesn't offend anyone. And Have a Nice Day!


Saturday, July 10, 2010


Some more goodies coming along.
3Racing Servo Saver, Guess i needed that small increase in speed and precision in my servos.
This is the main course, Square 13T Centre One-way, pushing my cs ratio up to 205%, and disconnects the front wheels from the rear wheels.
Some random bling, TB03D Upgrade Pack Bumper Support, weighs 15g, helps in transition, but at the same time, the blue. ;)
Installed the servo saver, much more precise, but i realise that under high loads, the saver tends to bend..... :S, i think an aluminium one may be one the way.
15g added to my chassis, faster transitions, but sluggish for some reason.
The 2nd last piece of bling i had to scavenge, aluminium suspension mounts, if you guys do remember, it was plastic before.
Impressions, Belt is a little loose as i expected, being 72T, with the calculated teeth at 71T. oh and do you guys spot something? Worn belt in the rear, all the white fonts are gone.
Just a little picture i took out of my phone, this is basically the training track for SPRCD Overdrive drifters, quite big so that we have room for error. PVC is what we use here, even on Overdrive.

This is my current setup sheet,

Make: Square
Model: Tamiya TA05 VII.

Date : 10/7/10
Track surface: Concrete/Tile floor
Tire: PVC, Drifter Street F2
Motor & ESC: ZTW 8.5T/ ZTW 60A


Camber: 7 deg
Toe: 0
Kick up: 1mm
Caster hubs: 4 deg
Ride height: 3mm
Droop: 2mm
Springs: Stock Tamiya
Bumper weight: 15g
Trailing Steering Block: -
Sway-Bar: None
Shock Oil: Trinity 25wt
Other: -


Camber: 2 deg
Toe: 2deg
Kick up: -
Ride height: 7mm
Droop: 1mm
Springs: (unknown) Softer Stock Springs.
Sway-Bar: Hard(Blue Tamiya)
Shock Oil: Trinity 25wt

Drive Train

Front Diff: Ball Diffrential
Front Pulley: 40t Square
Center: Square 13T Centre One Way
Belt: Square 73T

Rear Diff: Spool, Direct Coupling.
Rear Pulley: 30t Square
Center: 20
Belt: Standard 173T Square

Spur: 105
Pinion: 36
Other: CS Ratio 2.05

It is much diffrent from my previous 1.68 ratio, such that now the car is now nearly FR, i've had to counter steer all the way, pretty much with full lock, the good thing about having any One Way pulley/Diffrential, is that you will have a hand brake effect, as during braking, it locks up the rear wheels so that it skids, giving more angle. It is realistic as you see 1:1 drifters use it quite frequently for the same reason. It handles pretty well now, I have considered ADDING a Front One Way in front. :S Sounds Crazy? Thats how Chance Circuit/Hobby Stadium, D-Like setup is like.